Maybe I am a superhero

I know. It’s been a while. What have I been doing? Well…I went to Hawaii for my second wedding anniversary. Then, while I was there I had, you know, a brain hemorrhage. From the 4-centimeter brain tumor that had been steadily growing for who knows how long. So I ended up spending the rest of September in four hospitals, on two medevac flights, getting “awake” brain surgery, and relearning how to walk and use the left side of my body.

ambulance ridelearning to use a walker







And then I came home. I got some radiation to my brain cavity, plus two other brain lesions, plus to the lesion they randomly found on my sacrum. I did a lot of physical and occupational therapy. I graduated from a walker to a cane to no walking aid. I lost huge clumps of my hair. I went from taking 30 minutes to walk down the block to walking two miles in an hour.

I also had a couple of game nights. And went to see the Bad Plus in San Francisco. And sat in a hot tub with Mac. And started watching Sense8. And took a break from watching Sense8 to watch Stranger Things 2. I slept a lot. And I made plans to see family and friends in Southern California. I snuggled with my love. I ate so much ice cream.

I’ve learned a lot over the last two months. I was reminded, yet again, of how amazing my support network is. I learned even more about what a fabulous advocate and partner my love is. And I discovered, for the first time, that I really am resilient as fuck.